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DE Streaming (AKA unitedstreaming),

"More than a digital media library, Discovery Education unitedstreaming provides students and teachers with the tools to incorporate fresh, vibrant digital media into projects, assignments and the total student learning environments—quickly and easily. With Discovery Education unitedstreaming, students and teachers gain access to a rich collection of more than 50,000 video segments from among 5,000 full-length educational videos from Discovery School and other award-winning producers."
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AtomicLearning Support,

TeacherTube video: Have You Been Paying Attention?

Web 2.0 (AKA Read-Write Web)

What is web 2.0? Do you know? Have you heard the term before?</span>

Google Docs is the place to go if you need to work collaboratively on a document, spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation. It can also act as another option for saving files (it could take the place of a zip drive).

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