Lesson Plan

Date: March 2008
Grade/Class/Subject: 5th/TAG/Technology Intigration

Content Objectives:
As a result of this lesson, students will have an introduction to Web 2.0 and an understanding of what Web 2.0 is and how it can be useful. Students will increase their vocabulary in the area of technology and Web 2.0. Students will create meaning from a variety of internet sources. Students will create a blog and utilize the blog as a means of communication between themselves & teacher; themselves & classmates; themselves and family. This lesson will allow students further access of internet resources and hands-on time with computers.

Web 2.0
Web page
World Wide Web
Online profile

Lesson Sequence

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • Discuss Web 2.0
    • View video
    • Atomic Learning
    • Links to web pages
  • Talk about wikis as Web 2.0, reference teacher wiki
  • Blogs: Look at 6th grade blog created last year
  • Continue to look at blogs - visit teacher selected blogs, linked on teacher wiki
  • Brainstorm what students could do with a blog (brainstorm using wiki, allowing students to post items on teacher wiki)
  • Parent permission slip for student blog
  • Create a blog as a class. Teacher demo blog creation using Blogger - highlight URL
  • Class blog topic?
  • Particular attention to online profile (discuss safety, etc)
  • Begin student blogs
  1. Individual blog topics (Q: What purpose will your blog serve?)
  2. Blog name & URL
  3. Blog rubric
  • Continue to work on individual blogs

Teacher create activities to encourage blog use.
i. e. - each student blog will have AT LEAST 5 visitors who comment. Visitors will be made up of class/school mates, teacher/school staff, parent/gaurdian, visitor outside of state

Link student blogs to class blog - share w/ classmates
Other thoughts:
Integrate other web sources - Scrapblog