4th graders can visit this page for information about prairies and the United States

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CampSilos is an educational Web site focusing on the development of American agriculture. Targeting students in grades 4-8, the site provides online educational material related to the natural prairie, pioneer farm life, early agricultural technology, the story of corn from its early Indian origins to the present, and 21st century technological advances including applications of GPS and biotechnology.

The Iowa Prairie Network is all volunteer, non-profit organization started in 1990. We are a network of people dedicated to the preservation of our prairie heritage in the state of Iowa.

Iowa Prairies is one in a series of five booklets that are part of the Iowa's Biological Communities Series. Iowa's natural beauty has long been a great factor in drawing people to the state. But there is more to that beauty than meets the eye. To assist Iowa educators in teaching their students about the complexities of Iowa woodlands, wetlands, waterways, and prairies, the Iowa Association of Naturalists has produced a series of booklets which offer a basic, understandable overview of Iowa biological communities.

This site is brought to you by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, "If you care about Iowa's environment, water quality, wildlife, biodiversity, outdoor recreation and quality of life, join us!"