January 2008

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New Hampshire's __Eagle Times__ (11/13, Martin) reported that Maple Avenue Elementary School first-grade teacher Kristen Reed uses iPods "to enhance students' reading, listening and writing techniques." Students rotate use of the iPods. The students read along with recordings of stories, later creating recordings of their own reading, which are posted on a class blog so that parents can monitor their child's progress. The technique allows some students to work individually, which "frees up Reed to focus on a smaller reading group." Reed has been invited to present the technique to the National Conference of First Grade Teachers next summer in San Antonio, Texas.

BACK TO THE SOURCE w ww.bestlibrary.org/primary/
Learn how to effectively use primary sources in your classroom and encourage your students to break away from textbooks to become active participants in their own learning. Primary sources on this site include documents, images, and audio and video clips from museums, universities, libraries, and governments.

LibriVox is a totally volunteer, open-source, free-content public domain project with the goal of making all public domain books available as free audiobooks. LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and publish the audio files on the Internet. The site now offers more than 300 recordings.

JUST ONE MORE BOOK www.justonemorebook.com/
Andrea Ross and Mark Blevins of Ottawa, Ontario, have developed this interactive web site, which features Podcast discussions of children's books. Some Podcasts feature discussions with authors and illustrators, and the site features an area for audio responses and reviews from parents and children.

KIDS' VID: VIDEO PRODUCTION FOR STUDENTS http://kidsvid.altec.org/
Kids' Vid is an instructional web site that gives teachers and students the tools necessary to implement video production in the classroom. Video production, if properly implemented, is more than a new toy for students. It provides the tools and the means for students to create and display serious work in a new, exciting, and engaging way that is appropriate for all age groups and abilities. This is a place for serious fun. There is a section called "Theater," where students can post their work. See this page for lessons and practical suggestions on how to integrate video production into the curriculum, http://kidsvid.altec.org/nav%5fpages/teaching.html.

In this brand new blog, Nancy Dowd, marketing guru at New Jersey State Library, posts all the great library-themed videos that she comes across. She also welcomes readers' comments about videos and adds them to her site. Video titles reviewed include Night of the Living Dead Librarian, Conan the Librarian, and others.

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF VIRTUAL MANIPULATIVES http://free.ed.gov/resource.cfm?resource _id= 1851
Interactive online math lessons, activities, and assessments are provided. Topics include fractions, functions, geometric transformations, integer arithmetic, patterns and sequences, probability, right-triangle trigonometry, slope, triangle geometry, and writing equations of lines. Calculate what an excavation company should charge for digging a hole. Analyze three pollution reduction plans. Determine the best rate for repaying a loan.

NEW YORK TIMES 100 NOTABLE BOOKS OF THE YEAR www.nytimes.com/ref/books/review/20061203notable-books.html
This site includes reviews of 100 books selected by the New York Times as notable books of 2006.

SECRETS OF EGYPT www.nationalgeographic.com/pyramids/
Explore the pyramids of ancient Egypt through diagrams, photos, and facts; plus, get related links, kids content, news stories, and more. Read the journal of a writer who spent 4 days exploring ancient sites. Interactive features include "Treasures of Egypt" (photos, e-postcards), "At the Tomb of Tutankhamun," "Mysteries of Egypt Movie Preview," "How to Make a Mummy," and much more. There are also games and standards-based lessons for grades K-12.

Holiday Gadget Guide for the Guru in You www.retrevo.com
Holiday Gadget Guide
Holiday Gadget Guide

Retrevo.com is a large online resource for shopping and support information on consumer electronics. This powerful gadget search site is as much fun to traverse as Wikipedia. The company claims to have a searchable index of 100,000 products, 300,000 expert reviews and one million user product reviews. Retrevo is a one-stop-spot for consumer information to find goods you’re searching for, links you’re in need of and support sites to get the most out of your gadgets, appliances and entertainment systems.
Lost that manual to your old camcorder? Look it up in Retrevo’s catalog of searchable product manuals. Want to see what others say about that $3,000 video camera you’re thinking about buying? Retrevo’s guide links you to blogs, forums and reviews on thousands of topics. Don’t understand a technical concept? Just ask the search engine, and you get dozens of links to pros in the know that supply answers to your burning questions.www.retrevo.com

Free Tools for Teachers http://www.suelebeau.com/freetools.htm#worksheets
  • Timeline creation
    • http://www.readwritethink.org/student_mat/student_material.asp?id=7, "Creating timelines with this tool becomes an engaging activity for students as they choose from five different units of measure (date, time, event, entry, or other) and add specific descriptions of each entry. Once the entries have been added, students may navigate through any part of the timeline by simply clicking on the appropriate entry. Students may view and edit their draft timeline, then print the finished timeline for reference. This is a handy tool for classroom use that guides students through the process of organizing information in timeline form and results in a polished finished product."
    • http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/materials/timelines/