NYC Experts Assignment

As assigned by Mrs. Brackett

Get Lost: Artists Map Downtown New York

"Get Lost is a collective portrait of downtown New York. Twenty-one international artists were invited to create a personal view of the city and draw a map of downtown New York, uncovering a territory that is both real and imaginary. ... Get Lost brings together fictional landscapes, utopian visions, private memories, and obsessive instructions to explore Manhattan, its past, present, and future." Browse by artist. From the New Museum, New York.

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Mrs. Johansen's tips of things that will make your life easier (work smarter not harder):

Attack the research:

  1. Library (see pulled books)
  2. Encyclopedia (online & print copy)
  3. Online
    1. When searching the web BE AWARE OF DOMAINS &
    2. EBSCO
    3. DEStreaming
  4. Find a good site? Please email it to Mrs. Johansen,; I'll link it to this wiki for easy access